Music is a part of our lives, something that we have carried with us from our school years through today. We have shared our love of music with our children, family and friends.

Musicians Lifeline, Inc. is a volunteer organization that responds primarily to the medical and social needs of regional musicians and music professionals in our community.

The mission of Musicians Lifeline is to support and provide charitable assistance to all types of music industry professionals located in the greater New England region who are struggling to maintain their livelihood, due to illness, disability, age, or unemployment.

The organization is also dedicated to educating the public about the importance of musicians in the community and the financial hardships which can negatively impact a music professional. Money raised through benefit ticket sales, donations and sponsorships are used to pay for medical expenses, prescriptions, insurance premiums, housing, food, utilities and fees for services and counseling.


Why Was Musicians Lifeline, Inc. Founded?


Music lovers and fans may not know about the hardships which can negatively impact a working musician. Some will face financial hardship and personal problems  when their major illness or injury is combined with a minimal health care plan which results in high, out of pocket deductible expenses.  Others may have chronic problems after years of not having any health insurance.

We have observed the needs of an aging population of music professionals who  have not been able to save for retirement or an emergency.  While they may have healthcare coverage because of legislation such as the Affordable Care Act, they have limited resources to cover chronic medical problems which affect their ability to earn a living. Even if a grant recipient has private or publicly funded health care they often require assistance with other necessities.

Musicians Lifeline will create connection opportunities among individuals dealing with similar circumstances and connect people to other organizations and institutions that could help solve their problems, such as affordable medical care facilities.